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I'm so excited for this show. I haven't read the books but I'm going to go out and buy Outlander this week and read it. I'm sure I can finish it before it premieres. Ah. So looking forward to this. I just love your blog!!

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thank you so much!! definitely try to read it before August 9th!!! I totally recommend reading the book before seeing the show but you cant totally enjoy the show without the books — plus the first book is a super fast read after you get to like the 4th chapter you’re like ok give me all of it now!! I’ve seen the first ep twice now and omg im so supremely excited for this series!! 


Outlander - opening titles

YAY! I finally got around to making edits to this opening! It’s beautifully shot! I am so excited for this show to air!! CAN”T WAITTTT!
Took forever to cap everything, get out all the titles re-color everything… etc. (worth it) and thankfully my PS didn’t crash on me.
please do not repost :D

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outlander opening credits


New Outlander trailer released at Comic-Con 2014

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